Elise Auxier is a dynamic, content rich speaker  who effectively reaches women wanting to  expand and grow as professionals and  business owners. She is passionate, sincere  and a true believer in the capabilities of women.  Her presentation on goal setting was by far one  of the best we have had in our organization. 


 Jessica Rivelli 

 Working Women of Tampa Bay, Founder


Lori A. - Elise is a wonderful asset for anyone struggling with substance abuse issues or living with or loving one.  Her insight, understanding and support helped me to clear away the fog and fear and see a new way forward.  I have created a life that I never would have believed could be mine.  Thanks for your strength and confidence in me Elise.

Caprice Montgomery: I have known Elise for 2 years.  She has been a mentor to me in my personal life, selflessly helping me through several difficult issues and obstacles that I have faced as a women in my 50’s. She is generous with her time, and is a kind and empathetic listener.  Elise is determined, intelligent, organized and creative.  I am a CPA, but retired to raise my 2 children. Now that my kids are teenagers,  I am interested in part-time work in the accounting field. Elise has offered me valuable advice, to help me  transition smoothly back into the work world. I highly recommend Elise as a highly-trained and knowledgeable source for women, both personally and professionally.

 It's difficult to find a place to begin when   attesting  to the caliber of person that Elise   Auxier is.  Since Elise and I began our   coaching  sessions over one year ago, I've   discovered that she has the remarkable ability   to pinpoint the underlying causes of any issue   that we discuss.  Furthermore, she has the   ability to communicate these underlying   causes  in a way that makes you believe that   you actually had the answers all along.

 I came to Elise with a vague ( at the time it   seemed concrete) idea of where I wanted to   take the vision I had for my future.  In the   meetings that followed I learned to expect   nothing but genuine and sincere insight and   advice.  Over time, Elise ensured to break   down  any narrow trains of thought that I might   be entrenched in, in order to show me the   types  of opportunities that were present that I   hadn't even considered.  I firmly believe that as   a direct result of her coaching, I am now in a   much better position to achieve my personal   and professional goals.

  It did not take long before I considered Elise to   be a friend rather than a coach.  She has a   naturally endearing personality that effortlessly   elicits an environment of trust.  In fact, I've   caught myself on multiple occasions entrusting   her with more personal information than I've   given anyone in recent memory.  I'd highly   recommend anybody seeking improvements in   their life, personal or professional, to spend   some time with Elise Auxier (if you're awarded   the chance).  Her understanding of life's bigger   picture will leave you rethinking yours, I   guarantee it.

​  -Palmer Leary


Heather Hill, www.westchaseinsurance.com :

As a first time small business owner I was stressed out trying to juggle issues with my staff, marketing, time management and focus all while generating new business, it was too much! Elise has been an exceptional listener who has helped me find solutions to issues that in the past have held my business back from success. Her business knowledge and experience has given me the confidence and motivation that I was lacking. She has helped me make smarter business decisions and lowered my stress level immensely. Since working with Elise my office production has increased and I am closing more sales than ever before. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for business coaching, she is excellent.

Kim Blanchard: Elise has been an extraordinary presence in my life.  She has been instrumental in guiding me and empowering me.  Her honesty and intuitive insights have illuminated many barriers I have fabricated that have inhibited my growth.  Her honesty, grace, and gentle demeanor have created a safe space in which I can be completely at ease and open.  The safe environment she provides has allowed me to discover new truths about myself and discard false ideas that have not served me well.  She is so encouraging and she has instilled a sense of hope in me – hope that I can shift from being self-defeating to self-loving.  The clarity and consciousness I have gleaned from my time with Elise have ignited a desire to take the action required to change. Always, I eagerly anticipate our time together.  I feel refreshed, calmed and relieved after connecting with her.  I am deeply grateful to have Elise in my life.  She is a gem.

Kristen Jongen, www.mysoulsoup.com :

Elise is a tremendous coach to me both personally and professionally. She helps me streamline and clarify my vision. Not only do I seek her counsel with personal matters, but whenever I have an important business transaction to make, I contact Elise first. I have had several coaches over the years and Elise’s compassion and sincere dedication sets her apart from the flock. I trust her advice and value her extensive life experience as a mom, business owner and entrepreneur. She just gets it. Additionally her sense of humor is the bomb. Elise has many skills, assisting me with recovery, personal goals and overall high performance living.   I am honored to recommend Elise Auxier to anyone seeking solutions and forward movement in life.