COACHING Services/ sales coaching

Gulfcoast Coaching utilizes a three step process:​

First, an initial, no cost, no obligation conversation allows us to engage to determine your needs and goals and uncover obstacles that are holding you back from accomplishing what you really desire.

Second, upon determining that it makes sense for us to move forward in a coaching relationship, we will collaboratively craft a unique structure and workscope.  This creates a pathway for progress that will guide us on our journey together.

Third, we implement the strategic plan we have put together, supporting you to achieve your fullest potential.

A typical coaching session format that we might use is like this:

     - Start the session by discussing thoughts, feelings, reactions that have come up through processing that occurred

        since our last session.  This helps us ensure that we are communicating well and that I am on the right track with             you.

     - Discuss any action steps taken or goal progress since our last session.

     - Problem-solve any blocks to completing your action steps.

     - Set the agenda for the current session and cover the important issues you want assistance with.

     - Set your new action steps.

     - Sign off with a renewed clarity and enthusiasm.

There is no required minimum commitment to start coaching.  I ask that people considering embarking on a coaching relationship set their minds to atleast 3 months to really get some traction and momentum going on new behaviors and action steps.  Most of my clients work with me for about 9 months and some are a year or more.  The length of the coaching relationship is entirely up to you.

Gulfcoast Coaching guarantee:  If, after one month, you do not feel that the coaching and personal development received will help you achieve your goals, you will receive a 100% refund (less any intake or assessment fees).  My personal integrity and long-term business philosophy dictate that I can only receive payment from individuals/organizations that benefit from my services.  This creates a no-risk opportunity for you.